Kids Learning How to Start a Business!

It is time to teach your child how to start a business by becoming a Certified Business Buddy (CBB).

We know that K-12 will only teach you how to get a 9 - 5. But PABD Zone will teach your kids another option for earning income outside of a job.

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    Dr. Tori Brown

    Bestselling Author, Entrepreneur, Program Creator

    Who is PABD Zone?

    The name PABD is an acronym for Penne' Anne', Billy, and Diget. Three friends that play together and start different businesses that earn money. They also have a music group, book, tv channel, mobile app and now a business certification. What does the word certification mean? It is acknowledgement from an educator that you have reached an expert level of learning something. Kids can now become a Certified Business Buddy TM.

    What will you learn?

    • What are the types of businesses
    • Words often used in business
    • How to earn money in your business
    • Who are the people in a business
    • What is business partnerships?